The Sustainability Compass

Resource and energy consumption, waste and pollutants, “green” and multi-purpose products, satisfied employees, respecting human rights along the supply chain, regional value chains and the economic durability of your business – are those topics essential to you and your start-up? How sustainable is your business model and start-up and what can be optimized?

You can get answers, advice for actionable steps and valuable tips to these questions and topics soon. We are in the process of developing a so-called Sustainability Compass or Sustainability Check. This interactive webtool is designed to help you to define and analyze the sustainability of your product or service as well as your business. You will systematically analyze different areas of sustainability and receive practical tips for the implementation into your start-up and business processes.

The Sustainability Compass will be integrated into the official website of the start-up network Pioniergarten and is expected to be finished by summer. Do you want to know more? Then follow us on Facebook and Instagram and get in touch if you have questions!