Start your vision. Now! But how?

Reutlingen University in the Neckar-Alb region of south-western Germany provides young entrepreneurs with ideal business implementation opportunities. They are supported by dedicated professors from various faculties who integrate entrepreneurship into teaching and therefore encourage students’ entrepreneurial spirit.

The Center for Entrepreneurship brings these activities together and is a one-stop shop for all questions about innovation, entrepreneurship and founding a company. With the wide range of opportunities available, we familiarise students with everything involved in founding a startup, teaching them to adopt an innovative mindset and to make entrepreneurial decisions.

  • … we provide food for thought and offer knowledge sharing through our entrepreneur events and ideas competitions

  • … we give information and advise on all questions concerning business startups, from understanding financing options to creating and implementing a business plan

  • … we regularly hold seminars and workshops on a range of topics as part of the “Studierenplus” interdisciplinary programme

  • … we offer rent-free workplaces in office-containers sponsored by the city of Reutlingen

  • … we have a vast network which extends far beyond the Neckar-Alb region and offer contacts with expert coaches and mentors who can use their expertise to assist with any question

  • … we actively support student initiatives , such as the ESB entrepreneurs from the ESB Business School and the mock-up company at the School of Textiles & Design

Have you got any questions?

The team at the Center for Entrepreneurship are happy to give you information about the opportunities provided by Reutlingen University and its partners. Just drop by (7-002a) or send us an e-mail!

Thomas Rehmet

Thomas Rehmet

Head of Accelerator Project and Head of the Center for Entrepreneurship

There is (virtually) nothing that Thomas hasn’t done at Reutlingen University. He started as the alumni officer, before working in career advising and establishing the “TIC Career Day”. He has also organised the campus festival, edited the university magazine and, since 2015, he has been responsible for the entrepreneurs at the university’s Center for Entrepreneurship. Initially, this was just a casual role before he became a key team member in 2017, offering support to the entire team. His daily working life is still very varied. He advises the teams and those interested in founding a company and gives them an overview of the wide range of opportunities offered by Reutlingen University and its partners. A key part of his role is networking with partners, experts and other entrepreneurs.

What motivates me

Every day something new. and the business plans are just as varied as the university is. There are ever-present topics and absolutely exotic ideas. But the topic is not important – it depends on doing it! And that is his passion. Implementing things, to bring new project ideas on the way and just on the side to move sustainability forward. Start-up means to go through life with open eyes and a curious look.

Building 12, Room 009 | Tel. +49 (0) 7121 271 1082

Lyubomyr Matsekh

Dr. Lyubomyr Matsekh

Social entrepreneurship

After living and working in Asia for several years, Dr. Lyubomyr is back in Europe, where in addition to his academic work, he helps companies to bring people together and find new opportunities for their businesses (see LinkedIn for references). In his academic roles, he teaches leadership, sustainability and social entrepreneurship. He also supports the Center for Entrepreneurship in innovation management and helps to expand its network of international partners. His research activities are tightly linked to his teaching and project work. In the field of social entrepreneurship, he examines the role of digital innovation in social change and explores the impact of measurement matrices for social startups. His second area of research focus is the gamification and study of engagement methods used in project- and challenge-based entrepreneurship education. In addition, he pursues research topics in the fields of theoretical linguistics and artificial intelligence, which are related to his PhD thesis. Based on the interdisciplinary approach used in his doctoral research, he strives to distinguish the algorithms of concept formation and evolution in human cognition, as well as the working principles of the coherent conceptual network that humans create. Furthermore, his research is directed towards the role of perceptual systems and cognitive processes in learning, e.g. the time-efficiency correlation in memorisation and unaware learning.

What motivates me

My motivation comes from contemplating ways of creating a space where change is possible and fun.

Building 12, Room 006 | Tel. +49 (0) 7121 271 1094

Laura Simons

Laura Simons

Entrepreneurship and textiles

I organise a lot of lectures and classes about founding companies and also lead some of them myself.

I’m always looking for new teaching staff from the field and new topics which may be of interest to our entrepreneurs and university students.

What motivates me

From starting my own business, I know only too well the pitfalls you may encounter and which tools, techniques and support you might need where, when and in what form.
I enjoy discovering new, useful methods, teaching them to the students and also applying them myself.

Building 12, Room 006 | Tel. +49 (0) 7121 271 1095

Alexandra Ticar

Janika Weiß

Marketing and communication

State-certified graphic designer, communication designer (B.A),
Master in Design (M.A) with several years of professional experience in
marketing and design.

My motivation
I would like to not only inform students and people interested in founding a company, but also motivate them. To show them that the world of entrepreneurship does not only consist of courage to implement, but also of a lot of creativity!

Together we will find the right ways to your idea!

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Building 12, Room 005 | Tel. +49 (0) 7121 271 1092

Dario Wahl

Dario Wahl

Entrepreneurship & Industry 4.0

M.Sc. International Business Development, entrepreneurial experience of founding his own company and has worked in positions at Mister Spex in Berlin and STARTUP AUTOBAHN in Stuttgart. Wahl has worked for the Center for Entrepreneurship’s team for Industry 4.0 since April 2020.

What motivates me

During my undergraduate degree, I intensively studied startups and implemented my own project. I’ve been on the startup scene ever since and would like to pass on my knowledge to students at Reutlingen University. Moreover, my doctoral studies will allow me to study questions in entrepreneurship even more intensively.

Building 12, Room 007 | Tel. +49 (0) 7121 271 1091

Inga van Gessel

Kai Ritter

Event Manager, Maker Space Beauftragter

Building 12, Room 007 | Tel. +49 (0) 7121 271 112

Inga van Gessel

Ellen Øyan

“Studierenplus” programme manager

Building 12, Room 005 | Tel. +49 (0) 7121 271 1128

Jeannette Klein

Saška Minić

Programm Manager Stoff im Kopf – Textil.Accelerator

Building 12, Room 008 | Tel. +49 (0) 7121 271 1135

Jeannette Klein

Myriel Anselm

Foundation consultant

Building 12, Room 008 | Tel. +49 (0) 7121 271 1117