Six young startup teams are currently pottering away in our workplaces at Reutlingen University, working determinedly on their business implementation. We provide them with on-site business startup support in the form of expertise, contacts and access to various “Accelerator” programmes in the Neckar-Alb region.

Our young entrepreneurs’ ideas are as diverse as they are. But they all have one thing in common – they want to make the world a bit better and more sustainable, making a statement in the process. They use their pioneering spirit and work hard every single day to turn their dream of their own business startup into a reality. And there is still a lot of work to be done before the reach their goal.

The startups

Start-Up: PriLogiX


Having reliable supply chains is essential to any company’s manufacturing but they can also be very susceptible to errors. PriLogiX, a startup founded by Georgios Karaiskas and Patrick Reiber in 2018, has therefore taken up the cause of revolutionising risk management in supply chains. They successfully piloted an industry project in which they developed a tool which assessed the shipping of goods according to risk factors. The project used real-time data to detect potential risks and incidents in good time and to take action. The pair had always dreamed of founding a company so why not build on this idea and found a company? Well, no sooner said than done! Their objective is to simplify complex transportation operations using software. The Center for Entrepreneurship is supporting the pair and helping them access the expertise and contacts they need.

Start-Up: Modus Intarsia

Modus Intarsia

Dog owners can spend hours talking about one problem. The dogs’ hair gets everywhere, even in the most remote corners of rooms where the dog has never before set foot. But startup Modus Intarsia has found a way to use this hair, which usually ends up in the bin, to create an odourless, silky smooth wool from dog undercoats. Ann Cathrin Schönrock, who came up with the idea, and co-founder Franziska Uhl are pursuing their vision of saving and treating previously used, valuable resources and creating a high-quality product. Above all, they are committed to natural and local production. If you have the right breed of dog, you can simply collect the undercoat and send it to them. The startup team donate their revenue to their own tree planting project, as well as to other animal welfare organisations. This is a startup which manages to be both innovative and sustainable!


Are you hosting a party soon but still don’t know how you will entertain your guests? Could you play football even though you don’t have a pitch? Some would say that won’t keep your guests happy. But Megalo can find the right solution for you. Entrepreneurs Alex Schulz and Yalcin Altay rent out cool games and combine classic board games and family games with larger-than-life outdoor toys. his service can turn any event into a special occasion since action and excitement are guaranteed! Megalo is an expert, dynamic partner which, most importantly, offers an outstanding service.

Startup: Wiederbelebt


Remca Logo


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While helping your parents with IT problems may be irritating to some young people, startup team Denise Hellman and Colin Lieb have used this as the basis for founding their startup. his young business, now known as “Remca” (a combined form of “remote care”), has already won multiple awards, including at the “Move your idea” competition at Reutlingen University. The company’s name reflects its concept of bringing together IT-literate students with older people to help them with their technological struggles. At the Center for Entrepreneurship, we are helping them to turn their idea into a reality and allowing them to further build on their knowledge gained from their studies.

Reframe Reutlingen


The issue of sustainability has reached the heart of society. The question of how we can make our daily lives more sustainable is an important issue which everybody should consider. Startup business “Reframe” addresses this question and helps companies make their business models socially and economically sustainable. The Reframe team, made up of Leon Seefeld, Jara Birkholz, Mara Möller, Jil Haferkamp, Frederike Kress and Pablo Friese, want to make companies aware of challenges of the future and demonstrate that it is not just about individuals taking responsibility, but small or large businesses doing so as a whole. This not only ensures that the companies contribute to society but also gives them fresh impetus and a competitive advantage. Reframe – a dream of a world where all businesses, of any size, contribute to societal and ecological progress in their economic activities.



Have you got a school or university presentation coming up? Have you already scoured through the Internet looking for a topic but still haven’t found one? Take a look at Knowunity! Benedict Kurz, Lars Lins, Julian Prigl and Niels Heidbrink are the four entrepreneurs behind this creative startup. Irritated by trawling through tonnes of incomprehensible material, struggling through huge reading assignments and spending hours researching presentation topics, the four students decided to put an end to all of this. The result was Knowunity. Learners can use this platform to exchange learning content, presentations and flash cards and therefore support each other’s learning. Anyone can upload content and earn a bit of pocket money in the process, meaning that both sides benefit from the exchange!

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