Knowunity achieves €10 million financing

Knowunity achieves €10 million financing for online learning platform Knowunity is a digital learning platform made by and for students. The Knowunity team has now raised €10 million in a funding round that included investors like Project A and angels like Mario Götze and founders of and Preply. Unlike

Knowunity achieves €10 million financing2022-06-27T10:35:26+02:00

Housewarming party at the Center for Entrepreneurship

Housewarming party at the Center for Entrepreneurship On 10.05.22 from 4 pm, the move was celebrated at the Center for Entrepreneurship, which is now located in building 12! There were cold drinks (a big thank you to KFRU for the beer!) and the barbecue was held on a sunny day.

Housewarming party at the Center for Entrepreneurship2022-06-27T09:52:11+02:00

the Gründungskompass is live

Gründungskompass - the interactive platform for start-ups   On 11.10.21 it was finally time. The Gründungskompass of the Pioniergarten is online. Self-employers, founders, start-ups but also young companies can analyze the current status of their start-up phase here. The compass serves the start-up to determine its status quo, analyze it

the Gründungskompass is live2022-06-27T09:33:22+02:00

Pioniergarten ist online

Pioniergarten - Die neue Plattform für Gründungsinteressierte und Start-ups in Süddeutschland. Am 31.3.2021 war es endlich soweit. Die Webseite "Pioniergarten" ging nach über einem Jahr intensiver Vorbereitung online. Pioniergarten ist ein Verbundprojekt der Hochschule Reutlingen und der Hochschule für Forstwirtschaft Rottenburg und soll eine übersichtliche, kompakte Plattform für alle Gründungsinteressierte

Pioniergarten ist online2021-05-17T11:23:36+02:00