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„Pioniergarten“ is a cooperation of entrepreneurial activities of Reutlingen University andRottenburg University. The mail goal is to expand the regional entrepreneurship network and especially promote sustainable entrepreneurship from the university sector. To the first activities of “Pioniergarten” belong, next to the construction of an own web presence with a sutainability and entrepreneurship compass for potential start-ups, also the initiation of a choaching and mentoring program as well as the establishment of seminars all around the topic entrepreneurship during studies.

The Entrepreneurship Compass

You need an office, financing, coaching or mentoring? Do you have questions on the topics of sustainability, textile or Industry 4.0 and don’t know where to find the right person to ask? Then our Entrepreneurship Compass will help you find the most important topics and offers shortly summarized. The region Neckar-Alb has a broad offer for entrepreneurs and we want to help you get an overview so you can go all in!

The Sustainability Compass

The Sustainability Compass is an interactive webtool with which entrepreneurs and start-up can test the sustainability of their product or service as well as their business in general.
The tool is built according to the three dimensions of sustainability and tests systematically different areas of a business for their social, ecological and economical sustainability. At the end the participants will receive three individual evaluation forms for these subject areas with advices for next expert, literature and practice steps.


We don’t only help you to find the right contacts, but you can also discuss your plans with a mentor and gain further support for your plans as part of the mentoring program. The mentors have specialized professional knowledge and are ready to answer your questions with their professionalism and offer valuable support. If you’re interested, don’t hesitate to write an Email. The Pioniergarten network is growing day by day.


Reutlingen University has its root in the textile industry and is with the Textile & Design faculty greatly equipped with experts and laboratories. With the Textil.Accelerator Stoff im Kopf, textile entrepreneurs regularly receive a comprehensive offer to move their idea forward. It is our goal to already awaken interest in self-employment during college and to give you the necessary knowledge and competences.

Industry 4.0

Reutlingen is a location with strong industry with many big as well as small business. Reutlingen University offers a broad range of technical courses with a lot of potential for innovation. We want to connect here and create lust for innovation and start-up. We want to support you to try out new paths, develop new solutions and to just try it out once.

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