Innovative designer bags by Melina Bucher

Sustainable, high-quality and transparent: The young entrepreneur from Mannheim combines value and empathy in her bag.

In June 2018 during her management graduate studies Melina Bucher established her identically called brand and chases her dreams to create a fashion world without animal cruelty ever since. She develops purses with a statement – high-quality products, completely vegan and sustainably produced. As such, she undertakes the responsibility for a transparent supply chain as well as the reduction of any kind of harm caused to the planet and its inhabitants. Combining products in a way which seemed impossible for a long time: ethics and luxury, sustainability and aesthetics, intelligent functions and design. With an innovative concept for materials and hundred-percent transparence. The result is durable products with exceptional quality.

Basis of the bags is a high-quality PETA-certified vegan leather, that has already proven itself in the automotive industry. The material is resistant against scratches, dirt and fluids. It also allows soft haptics next to the optimal features. For the inner lining the business decides for a GOTS certified bio-cotton. The adhesives and dyes used are also free of any animal properties. A timeless design was especially important for Bucher. Durability, transseasonality and multifunctionality mark her exclusive collection.

The product samples get created on site in the design studio located in Mannheim. The manufacturing of the products takes place in european manufactories. To reduce farther transport routes, manufacturing and procurement is focused in the Istanbul area. Clients can also inform themselves on every step of the brand’s supply chain with the help of the interactive transparence-landscape on their website.

Innovation and progress are also the motivation for all following collections. In order to achieve this objective, the business currently actively participates in projects about material development with the goal of introducing the first recycable bags to the market that have a value chain that can be traced back with blockchain technology. For that reason, the business currently collaborates with a promising start-up from the US to develop an innovative, patented material. The implementation of a supply chain tracking is also being planned.